Hickory High School Boosters Members


Roger Young, President

Les Stewart, Vice-President, Membership

Casey Prince - Secretary

Katie Ledford, Treasurer

Holly Hall, Co -Treasurer

David Craft, Athletic Director


Blair Tate

Jeff and Carrie Neal

Cynthia Parrish

Denny Blevins

Dirk Schoellner

Elaine Seaver - Concessions

Kim Holbrook

Marissa Rumbaugh

Matthew Pitts

Melissa Surbaugh

Michelle Bumgarner

Michelle Reese

Rashaad and Cristy Medley

Rich and Kristen Stober

Ryan and Tiffany Day

Ryan Lovern

Andrea Bridgers

Chris and Amanda Chappell

Allison Holzman

Staci Howard

Sunday Richardson

Emily Turner

Sarah White

Amy Wood

Laura Lefevers